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"Rostam", now knowing where prison is, and continues alone to defeat "Arjang's" soldiers. He destroys them one by one and Persian soldiers be released. "Rostam" was going to defeat the white monster of "Mazandaran". At the same time, the army of demons attacked to Persia borders. "Dastan" can see the demon army equipped with heavily armed and modern weapons. A great clash takes place. … The monster deals a powerful blow to "Rostam" and knocks him to the ground. Is the Persian hero failed?! At the Iranian border "Dastan" believes he has been defeated and fears he has lost Persia. But other events were taking place.



"Dastan" once again returned to the people. He now enjoys the love and respect his father "Saam" and successive celebrations held in honor of his return. Once upon a time, hears about adragon insecure the river area and endangered the lives of the inhabitants of the land. He is going to battle with. "Dastan" fell unconscious from breathing the poisonous dragon goes into the roaring stream of river and water takes him to a plain which the king's beautiful daughter encamped. They were in love with each other but many obstacles faced each other to marriage!


The adventures of Samak

Comic collection of the adventures of "Samak" is free adaptation from "Samak Ayar" Persian stories.
Each book has an independent story. The story is about the main characters such as "Samak" and powerful "Jackal".
These two valor are confronting with different kinds of legendary creatures, witches and warriors during the story.
In this attractive adventure, they pass events and finally they arrived at the same time to treasure situation, but the result is different from what they expected.


Buddy & Pedram

"Buddy" balloon is not an ordinary balloon. It’s from space. It has strange and lovely abilities that only "Pedram" knows about them. "Pedram" and "Buddy" balloon are the best friends of each other and they have interesting adventures together. "Pedram" is a cute and lovely little boy. He wants to discover universe with "Buddy" balloon. In fact "Pedram" and Buddy's identity is more than a simple image. They are supposed talking to the kids. These books will prepare the child's mind for more messages and stories.

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